Meet Roger Pellegrini

Meet Roger Pellegrini from Vulcan in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Roger was first injured in 1988 when a tractor tire fell on his back in the farm shop. Since then he has worked around, through and with arthritis that has progressed from bad to worse. As a result of his already compromised physical condition, Roger was hit with a secondary injury to his shoulder when he fell off a tractor.

Ned provided a no-cost evaluation for Roger and prioritized needs in helping Roger continue both his farm and mechanic work for the school. Through Michigan Rehab Services, Roger acquired hearing aids which significantly improved his communications skills with farm clients and his accountant. He also acquired a John Deere Gator to help him navigate the farm and one tractor lift. AgrAbility contributed a quick hitch, the power lift creeper and a donated man lift.

Roger Pelligrini on his power lift creeper.

Roger raises nine acres of u-pick strawberries, thirty-six acres of cabbage for deer feed, twenty-three acres of sugar beets/rutabaga for deer feed, two acres of pumpkins sold for fall décor and 175 acres of corn and rye. Roger also operates the local school district’s bus maintenance garage on his farm which includes hiring and managing the district’s drivers. Roger’s daughter Molly helps with sales/marketing, bookkeeping, and farm business records.

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016