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A Brave Boy Copes with Disability with Help from Family and AgrAbility

A Brave Boy Copes with Disability with Help from Family and AgrAbility

Meet Wyatt Fuss

Wyatt Fuss was born with spinal cord tumors that are located between the C2 
and C7 vertebrae inside his spinal cord.  The benign tumors push against his spinal cord in an area that affects breathing and swallowing.  For now, the tumors are lying dormant, but if they begin to grow unchecked as they have in the past, they could literally choke him to death.

The tumors exert pressure on his spinal cord, leaving Wyatt with significantly diminishing feeling in his arms and hands; simple tasks like putting on gloves is impossible without help.  He isn’t aware of pain from an injury.  Wyatt is an independent young man who would rather not ask for help in doing tasks like these that most people take for granted.

Nine year old Wyatt exemplifies how disabilities can occur at any age.  
Michigan AgrAbility helps farm families at any stage in life.

There is no cure at this time for Wyatt’s condition and in fact, little or no research has been done on the disease. Families of children with spinal cord tumors have been raising funds to hire a researcher through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.  A researcher was hired in 2015 to grapple with the disease, but years of research lie ahead, while families wait and worry.  Of the six families involved in the project, any cure as a result of the research will come too late for three of the children.
Pullin' for Kids t-shirt
The Fuss family started their own fundraising event --
Pullin’ for Kids -- and it has contributed nearly $100,000 to the effort in the event’s seven year history.  The community-wide event started as a simple children’s peddle pull.  Today it includes an antique tractor pull, games, an ox-roast and a community fun day for the cause.  It is held annually during the second weekend in July at the Clarksville Feed store. 

“We had to do something,” Wyatt’s mother, Jen said. “We couldn’t just sit around and cry.” 

“Sometimes it is overwhelming.  There are therapy and doctor appointments.  It’s hard to keep a job sometimes which is something that I want to do. Thankfully, my Dad is my boss.”  Jen is employed at the Clarksville Feed Store.

“Having AgrAbility here to help is very comforting.  It does so much more than just trying to keep us farming,” she added. 

Wyatt loves hunting and the outdoors.  His dream is to become a DNR officer and own a small farm on the side, run by his wife during the day and himself after hours.  “Before AgrAbility, we would have wondered how are we going to do that,” said Jen.  “Now, when he is old enough and safe enough to do it on his own, we have AgrAbility to help make it work.  It just takes a portion of it off us."

Two farm bros'

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