Thrown from Mule, Farmer Suffers Head, Shoulder & Neck Pain

Paul and his wife, both retired teachers, operate a small farm that teaches therapeutic riding for children with disabilities using their 10 horses.  Paul has 10 acres of hay which he bales with help from family and friends.

Impact of the Disability

Jarring motions and vibrations send pain into Paul’s neck.  Haying and handling the horses are his biggest challenges on the farm.  Surgery would reduce this pain, but it would also reduce his range of motion by 70%.  Paul is trying to manage the pain with weekly physical therapy and the assistance of an anesthesiologist to avoid surgery.


After a review of Paul’s farming operation and medical issues, Michigan AgrAbility made the following suggestions:

Additional Tractor Steps: to reduce strain on Paul’s right arm when climbing into the tractor

 Air Cell Seat Cushion for Tractor:
to reduce jarring on rough terrain

Anti-Vibration Gloves:
to absorb energy from tractor steering wheel and power tools

Review Mirror for Tractor:
to reduce neck twisting


Posted on Friday, March 3, 2017