Losing Leg Does Not Stop Farmer

The Smith Farm

Still wanting to be an active farmer, the former veterinarian and horse trainer set his sights on raising sheep, which numbered 24 adults and 36 lambs at the time of the assessment.  

Impact of the Disability

The loss of his right leg had a devastating impact on Bill’s ability to work independently, so his primary goal was to reduce or eliminate his dependence on others.


Ned Stoller, Michigan AgrAbility’s assistive technology professional, suggested the following for Bill:

·   Outdoor power wheelchair: to improve mobility around and inside farm buildings

·   Left foot accelerator or hand controls: to allow Bill to use self-propelled vehicles, particularly  his truck, and not have to rely on his wife


 Outdoor mobility cart
: to carry small loads around the farm


Lawnmower swivel seat with arms
: for the balance and support which was lost when the leg was amputated

Paving selected areas
: to improve outdoor mobility

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2017